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Changes to CASA Forum

Sexual Assault Services Victoria (formerly CASA Forum) is the newly expanded peak body for sexual assault and harmful sexual behaviour services in Victoria.
For over 35 years our members have provided a range of sexual assault counselling, crisis and support services to adults, young people and children who have experienced sexual assault and their family members; and children and young people presenting with harmful sexual behaviours.
All Victorian government funded sexual assault services have joined forces to help shape trauma informed, person centered and best practice responses to sexual assault. Our combined expertise will continue to inform our advocacy with government and other stakeholders in driving sexual assault prevention, response, policy development and investment.
We aim for a world free of sexual violence.

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What is sexual assault?

CASA Forum defines sexual assault as any behaviour of a sexual nature that makes someone feel uncomfortable, frightened, intimidated or threatened. It is sexual behaviour that someone has not agreed to, where another person uses physical or emotional force against them. It can include anything from sexual harassment through to life threatening rape. Some of these acts are serious indictable crimes.

Sexual assault is an abuse of power. Sexual assault is never the fault or responsibility of the victim/survivor.

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Increased support for Ballarat survivors of sexual abuse

Ballarat Centre Against Sexual Assault (Ballarat CASA) will receive more than $200,000 for their work with survivors of sexual abuse in Ballarat and Western Victoria.

The Andrews Labor Government today announced a grant of $110,000 to Ballarat CASA, matching funds remaining from crowdfunding efforts that sent survivors to Rome for Royal Commission hearings.

This money will allow the CASA to continue its work in supporting survivors across Ballarat and Western Victoria, many of whom have found reliving their experiences through the Royal Commission deeply traumatic.

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Child development and trauma guide

The child development and trauma specialist practice resource has been developed to assist practitioners in understanding typical developmental pathways of children and recognising indicators of trauma at different ages and stages.

Importantly, the resource offers practical, age-appropriate advice as to the needs of children, parents, and carers when trauma has occurred and ways in which children and families can be assisted in healing and recovery.

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