Training, community education and professional development

Each year Ballarat CASA runs a series of workshops providing professional training to facilitate further understanding about sexual assault, appropriate responses to a disclosure and development of skills for working with children, young people and adults who have experienced sexual assault.

Our professional education calendar will soon be available on this website or via email - to request email

Ballarat CASA also provides workshops and training tailored to specific agency requirements. Requests to be sent to above email.

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These workshops include:

  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Responding to the impact of sexual assault trauma on children and young people
  • Identifying problem sexual behaviours or sexually abusive behaviours in children and young people
  • Helping the helper- managing the impact of working with trauma
  • Responding to the impact of child sexual assault trauma in adults.

Workshops for young people:

Ballarat CASA clinicians also deliver workshops at schools for young people and for teachers.

  • Consent and healthy relationships.
  • Cyber safety and bullying
  • Impacts of pornography on young people
  • Understanding and awareness of safe touches and boundaries

Workshops for parents/carers/foster carers:

Ballarat CASA delivers workshops to assist carers and workers understand children's trauma responses, managing behavioural impacts of trauma and understanding problem sexual behaviours and sexually abusive behaviours.