Community Education

Ballarat CASA offers educational sessions for schools, sporting clubs, workplaces and community groups. These sessions can be tailored to meet specific needs, however generally they focus on;

  • Understanding sexual assault
  • Consent and healthy relationships
  • Sexting and the law
  • Cyber safety and bullying
  • Understanding and responding to problem and harmful sexual behaviours
  • The impacts of pornography on young people

Each education session is built upon the foundation of increasing awareness of the prevalence and nature of sexual violence and assault and decreasing the stigma and harmful myths surrounding sexual assault. As well as increasing the knowledge of local supports accessible to survivors of sexual assault.

To discuss our education sessions further please contact Ballarat CASA via: or 5320 3933


Ballarat CASA offer a range of training opportunities for organisations, professionals and members of the community to support the prevention of sexual assault of adults and children, and to increase knowledge and skills in regards to understanding and responding to disclosures of sexual assault.

Ballarat CASA also delivers training sessions to organisations in relation to Problem Sexual Behaviours (PSB) and Harmful Sexual Behaviours (HSB).

To request a specialised training session, you can contact via email:

Secondary Consultation

Secondary Consultation

Ballarat CASA offer secondary consultation for professionals via our Intake system. This secondary consultation can assist professionals with specific information related to responding to disclosures of sexual assault or problem/harmful sexual behaviours; mandatory reporting requirements; and information about other support services.

To speak to one of our qualified professionals, please contact our Intake team on Ph 5320 3933 or