Ballarat Centre Against Sexual Assault (Ballarat CASA) will receive more than $200,000 for their work with survivors of sexual abuse in Ballarat and Western Victoria.

The Andrews Labor Government today announced a grant of $110,000 to Ballarat CASA, matching funds remaining from crowdfunding efforts that sent survivors to Rome for Royal Commission hearings.

This money will allow the CASA to continue its work in supporting survivors across Ballarat and Western Victoria, many of whom have found reliving their experiences through the Royal Commission deeply traumatic.

The Royal Commissions into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and Family Violence have seen more people come forward as survivors of abuse and Ballarat CASA has reported a 27 per cent increase in people accessing their services.

The Ballarat CASA runs the Ballarat Survivors Group and will work with survivors to determine how to best use this money, including counselling and mental health support.


Read the full article at the website for the Premier of Victoria or download the media release.



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